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Learning to cook nourishing, colourful, and delicious food became essential during my journey with hormonal health challenges and finally understanding my menstrual cycle fully.

Upon completing health coaching academy in London and still working my corporate job in sales, I understood the profound impact of food and lifestyle on our overall well-being. I immersed myself fully in the culinary world: I pursued formal training at Le Cordon Bleu in London and gained three years of invaluable experience as a full-time chef, including at Amsterdam's renowned farm-to-table Michelin Star restaurant, De Kas.

Today, I thrive in diverse kitchen environments, blending my culinary expertise with a steadfast commitment to well-being. I offer personalised 1:1 coaching, cook at wellness retreats, offer dynamic workshops, and cater events throughout Amsterdam with a network of talented chefs.

When I‘m not busy int he kitchen cooking or developing recipes, you'll find me coaching private clients, curating meals for all sorts of occasions and advocating for women's health and menstrual wellness.

I am deeply passionate about creating food that combines nourishment and indulgence.  Let's connect—I'm excited to collaborate with you!


We should be able to feel confident in our own skin, and yet so many of us don't.


It's time we trust ourselves again, and by focusing on different building blocks of health, I will help you tune into your own body's healing abilities.

With my coaching, I hope to minimise your levels of stress& effort, as well as the emotional frustration, that can often occur when our health issues are misdiagnosed or not taken seriously.

Get back to basics, learn about sustainable practices, and reconnect with your bodies' own healing abilities.

After all, you deserve to take back control of your health.

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With a diploma in plant-based culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu London, as well as a diploma from the Academy of Healing Nutrition in London, I am well equipped to cook for yoga & wellness retreats; where nutritious, delicious, and healing food should be at the forefront.

Together with my network of chefs here in Amsterdam, I also produce, style, and cater for birthdays, weddings, or any other event you may want food for.

From personalised one off events to more regular food deliveries - let's discuss how we can work together.

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